GLUTA-C Lightening Cream

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GLUTA-C Lightening Cream
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Rated as one of the Best Lightening Cream in an Independent Review!

A revolutionary Lightening cream in a new light and whipped texture, packed with load of Anti-oxidants, Vitamins, Anti-aging and Pimple Blocker ingredients. GLUTA-C Whitening Cream. This formula will not only help lighten your overall complexion but will also help lighten and diminish old scars, acne scars, age spots, dark underarms, Inguinal areas, stretchmarks and even freckles and birthmarks. This skin lightening cream with the addition of plant-derived (Alpha- Arbutin and Japanese Rice Sake derived Kojic Acid), contains non-irritating ingredients that helps prevent itchy, red and splotchy skin during your initial use. It contains proprietary blends of multiple peptides and skin brightener ingredient such as Glutathione, a powerful Anti-oxidant and anti-aging supplement with added Vitamin C.

However, for people with sensitive skin, initial reactions ie; redness, blotchy, itchy & irritated skin is inevitable for these reaction hence don't be alarmed as these symptoms will go away as your skin tries to adapt to the ingredients of the cream. If burning sensation arise, please temporarily discontinue use as your skin may be too sensitive for  everyday use, try alternating its use every 2-3 days. If burning sensation persist, discontinue use permanently. As an alternative, you can use it anywhere on your body or mix it with your favorite body lotion or evening moisturizer.

Not advisable to use:  inner thighs, underarms, buttocks and groin area (avoid applying on privates/moist areas). Please use Pinkz for Private parts cream.

Lightens dark nipples. Lightens and removes age spots, melasma, liver spots and freckles. Great anti-aging cream as it erases wrinkles and signs of aging ie; crows feet, dry and lifeless flaky skin. The list are endless...Discover the possibilities. Say no more to embarrassing dark spots & scars. And say HELLO to younger, pinkish, fairer, blemish free skin!

We have considered all possible factors in creating GLUTA-C Skin Whitening Cream therefore we are confident that this product will surpass all Skin lightening cream in the market today as far as efficacy, safety and over all performance. As far as safety, our product does not contain Hydroquinone, steroids, Mercury or other harmful ingredients.

DIRECTION: Apply only at night before bed. Wash face thoroughly preferably with Kojic or Glutathione skin whitening soap. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. While the skin is still damp, apply a pea size cream, thinly all over face. Avoid getting near the eyes, nose and mouth. In the morning, rinse and wash face with Glutathione or Kojic soap, then apply moisturizer and sunblock.

Products recommended to use with Gluta-C Lightening Cream: skin whitening soap, Moisturizer, and any store bought sunblock SPF 30 or more is preferable.

INGREDIENTS: Glutathione, Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Retinol (Vit. A), Grapeseed extract, Vitamin C flower extract, Scultellaria Baicalensis, beeswax, Sodium sulfate, glyceride, water.

Gross wt: 4oz - Net cream wt: 2oz

Gluta-C® Skin Lightening Cream- FDA VCRP CPIS# F1075256

STORAGE: store in a cool dry place. One container will last you for months (face).

IMPORTANT: After a month of every day use, give your skin at least 1-2 weeks rest. This will ensure an oxygen rich skin (pinkish glow) as you let the skin breathe. Continue using every other night. Continue the regimen of 1 month use, 1-2 weeks rest until you finally achieved the skintone of preference. During this break, please use Sunblock or Moisturizer w/ Sunblock to maintain and protect the skin. Avoid sun at any cost.

WARNING: Do not use other skin lightening products in conjunction with Gluta-C Skin Whitening cream, you assume all the risk of contraindication by doing so. Maintenance: once-twice a week.

NOTE: Container lid will differ sometimes due to availability from the Manufacturer. Rest assured, contents are not affected by these changes.


Will I peel or shed after using Gluta-C Skin Whitening Cream?

Yes, peeling/shedding should start at the base of the nose and around the lips then out, its' mostly shedding not peeling, you'll feel that your skin will turn tight and dry and dry/dead skin will begin to fall off. This process should start around the 3rd or 4th day, for some takes longer.

Is Gluta-C Skin Lightening safe?

Gluta-C Skin Lightening Cream is formulated with these factors in mind, Efficacy and safety. It does not contain Hydroquinone, mercury, steroids or other harmful ingredients. It's active ingredients are plant derived (Alpha Arbutin), Kojic Acid (from Rice Sake), Vitamin A (Retinol) a great anti-aging and Glutathione known as the Ultimate anti-oxidant, anti-aging and skin lightening agent.

How long does it last (shedding or peeling)?

It depends on your current condition. Shedding can last from 1-4 weeks. Please note, that shedding or peeling is very minimal compare to peeling from using Maxi Peel. This stage should not even be noticeable esp. if you use Petroleum jelly to rub off dead skin and dirt.

How come I can't use toner, astringent or even cleansing pads while using Gluta-C Skin Whitening Cream?

Gluta-C Skin Whitening cream is highly concentrated, and is an all in one skincare regimen. From toning, exfoliating, anti-aging, pimple/acne blocker, moisturizing and skin lightening. Once you start using this cream, you no longer need to use other skincare products except for the Glutathione or Kojic soap, Sunblock or daytime moisturizer w/ Sunblock. That's all you need. Talking about a cost effective skincare and skin lightening regimen! However, if you needed to use toner,  Funky Mommy Skin Lightening toner is formulated to work synergistically with Gluta-C® Cream with minimal after feel effects.

What can I expect from using Gluta-C Skin Whitening Cream?

First week of usage: Your skin will go through the cleansing stage, shedding of dirt and old dead skin cells. Although this can also last up to a month esp. if this is your first time doing such maintenance on your skin. Don't be alarmed as shedding is very minimal, this will not affect your everyday social life. **Some users experience scar lightening during this stage. Skin will be sore and feel raw at this point. Do not rub skin. Skin will turn pinkish or reddish when exposed to excessive heat or sun. Some would experience acne breakout, mostly if you're a smoker or really oily skin. Don't be alarmed once this phase is over, pimples will start to disappear and skin will start to look smooth and lighter.

2nd-3rd week: Scars, age spots, liver spots, hyper pigmentation starts to lighten. Skin starts to lighten, Skin's becoming firm and well tone. Acne breakout is minimized or has stop completely.

4th week and going forward: For medium skin, this stage will look promising as far as skin lightening, texture and skin tone. After the one month break, skin will look oxygen rich and oh so smooth. For darker skin; This stage will mark the beginning of drastic skin improvement, although a little delay due to the fact that darker skin means melanin production is twice as much compare to individuals with lighter and medium skin.

Can I use a different brand of Sunblock?

Absolutely, any brand will do.

If I stopped using Gluta-C cream, will my skin get darker?

No, your skin will not get darker, but if you don't protect it with Sunblock and refrain from going out in the sun for a long period of time, skin will return to its regular color prior to lightening.

I have a very sensitive skin, can this cream work for me?

Although we only use the safest skin lightening ingredients, there's a chance that some people may experience allergic reactions from one of its natural ingredients. Therefore, as a precautionary, we suggest that you do a patch test. If a light tingling sensation occurs, this is NOT a sign that you are allergic to it, simply a sign that the cream is working its way through the skin. If redness/burning sensation occurs after you have been using it for days, this means that you're skin is was too sensitive to be using the cream every day, please discontinue use, apply aloe vera or Petroleum jelly to affected area until it's completely healed. You can continue using it with 2-3 day interval, do not use it every day.

Since your skin will be sore and sensitive to other products, we highly recommend the use of Calendula Moisturizer it contains great healing power that rejuvenates and helps expedite the skin's renewal.

How many shades can I lighten with the cream?

Gluta-C Skin Lightening cream can lift 2-4 shades or as much as your body/skin will allow.

Is this formulation safe for long term use?

Gluta-C cream does not contain harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone, mercury or benzonene. Although it is safe for long term use, we suggest to have at least 1-2 week break after every 30 days so skin can have a breather, this will give skin to regain oxygen that was lost during treatment.

Can I wax my eyebrows or face while using Gluta-C cream?

No Gluta-C cream is a treatment cream, what it does is expedite the shedding of old skin to reveal younger looking skin underneath making the skin sensitive and vulnerable to hot wax. But if you really need to get your wax session done, then we i suggest to NOT apply Gluta-C cream where the wax will be on.

Where do I keep/store the cream?

You can keep it in a cool dry place.

I'm pregnant, Can I use it?

No, we do not recommend it, although it hasn't been tested to have negative effects, but we'd rather advise our clients from abstaining while pregnant or lactating, just to be on the safe side. If you chose to use Gluta-C® Cream under these circumstances, then you are using it at your own risk & discretion.

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  • FDA CPIS# F1075256
  • Customer Reviews
    Rating works like a charm
    I made a review on Pores cleanser mask a few days ago and as I promised on my review I am giving my review about Gluta-C as well, I have been using this cream for a few days now and what a difference, I have been using also Kojie soap for a month now and it does work but using this cream with the soap has made my skin much more brighter and softer, I have noticed a very tiny, not noticeable to eyes of others but to myself a small peeling effect of my face which is a good sign, I support the claim of this cream for sure.
    Reviewed by:  from Canada. - 8/18/2013
    Rating I am in love with this!!
    This cream is so powerful yet very friendly on my skin. I am so hook that I always look my face in the mirror, and I am loving my skin everyday!! I used to have acne, uneven, dark rough skin, name it! I felt so hopeless! But I was so glad that I tried FM products! 1st day of use, u can tell the difference, and everyday it keeps getting better! Do not be afraid to try, and I can honestly say their products really works even better than branded or expensive ones! Do not listen to some bad reviews, I suggest you try them. My skin never felt this good, no more acne, smooth and lightens everyday!! Ive got a lot to say but the space wont fit now haha! Thank you FM!! Please continue selling us your products!! Pleaseeeee :)
    Reviewed by:  from New Jersey, USA. - 5/3/2013
    Rating Funkymom's Gluta-C Cream
    The results were dramatic and remarkable as it really faded my aged sun spots and marks. This cream worked major wonders as my skin lightened. I also have the reduction of appearances of forehead creases and mouth creases.
    Reviewed by:  from California. - 3/16/2012
    Rating working great!
    product works great,applying cream once at bedtime and the kojic soap washing twice daily,some old scar on my face from sun exposure has completely fade away,these products are working just fine,after being exposed for many years to direct sunlight it will take some time,but when these products are finished I will contact your company for more purchase, thanks again.
    Reviewed by:  from Toronto, CA. - 3/26/2012
    Rating worth every $$
    Yes, Gluta-C cream has been very consistent with it's promise. Never failed me eversince i started using it last year. I use it only every 3-4 days now that my scars and skin has lightened considerably, now im focusing on my neck, arms and legs (even private parts) to even out everything, i wish FM sells this by the gallon lol!
    Reviewed by:  from Palatine, IL. - 3/27/2012
    Rating Love it
    I received a free sample of this cream and love it. I will be ordering soon. I used this on my lady parts to lighten some dark spots. The spots are much lighter there is an overall brighten of the area too.
    Reviewed by:  from Houston, TX. - 1/23/2013
    Rating products that work!!
    OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your products! In just ONE WEEK, I have my High school and college Skin BACK! Please don't Stop selling your products. Because I don't think I could survive without them :) Works great with Kojic soap, lotion and Gluta-C pills!
    Reviewed by:  from OHIO. - 11/15/2012
    Reviewed by:  from South Africa. - 4/13/2012
    Rating Love your products!
    I have been using the kojic acid soap and Gluta- C cream for several months now. I love them both. I just ordered some placenta day creme and the BEBLESH balm. I love your products. I wish I'd had them 20 years ago!
    Reviewed by:  from Dillon, Colorado. - 2/19/2013
    Rating Hit and miss
    This cream was hit and miss for me, my jar is almost empty and even though it did make my skin very smooth, it didn't lighten my scars much, I used the glutathione soap with the cream, which I really liked, I may order the soap again, but not the cream
    Reviewed by:  from Charlotte, NC. - 3/29/2012
    Rating WOW
    Omg i love this product ; i have been using it twice a day with kojic acid soap for about 3 and half weeks now and i swear i am 2 shades lighter than i was before plus my face is so bright and so soft . i cant wait to order some more . love it
    Reviewed by:  from New zealand . - 1/14/2013
    Rating loving it
    Gluta C has made a difference to my skin making it softer and brighter.
    Reviewed by:  from UK. - 5/16/2012
    Rating Wonderful product!
    made my skin soft, smooth and age spots/scars..GONE!
    Reviewed by:  from BC, Canada. - 9/22/2012
    Rating very effective!
    I tried alot of face cream in the market but this is the only one that works for me it really works wonders i love it! from day 1 i can feel its working my skin become pinkish and my pimple scars are diminishing especially when your pimples just heal and you use this cream your pimples mark is gone. it works with your old pimples scars too coz it lighten and it gives your face a nice glow thanks funkymommy!
    Reviewed by:  from new jersey usa. - 4/8/2012
    Rating Amazing
    Amazing is the word that comes to mind when describing this product. I stumbled on this website by accident and decided to try this after reading all the great reviews. Everyone is correct; gluta C does work. Results are seen within a month or so.
    Reviewed by:  from Clinton, MS. - 3/23/2012
    Rating Great product
    I have had a beautiful skin all along until few months ago when my skin started to get irritations. Anything that I used on my skin made my skin to break.I decided to search on the internet to find a product that could make my skin smooth and flawless again. I came across this products and after the reviews that I read which was very helpful I decided to make a purchase.I have been using Gluta-C with the Kojic soap for about two weeks and this is my experience so far.Just after using both for 2days,my skin started to peel,I'm still peeling though its very lightly. These products are very strong and effective depending with your skin type so you ought to be very careful.I must say I also felt a burn like sensation below my eyelid on my chin that was very uncomfortable,and I used moisturizer cream which made the sensation to go away. So after this, I decided to use the product at least twice a week. So far my skin feels smooth,flawless and great. My only worry is that,its almost summer time and I'm scared that I might get sun burn which I don't want. I will try to use sun block creams so that I keep my flawless skin. I will give another update,otherwise wise so far I have had a great experience.
    Reviewed by:  from Chicago,IL. - 5/2/2015
    Rating In glad I never listen..
    This review was long overdue as I've been using Gluta c cream together with Gluta soap for more than a year., taking 1-2 week break every month or so. And I have nothing but praises for these 2 that I'm using. I admit I was skeptical because of the reviews I've read about Gluta c so I bite the bullet and ordered anyways, I don't think a company of more than 10 years would still be in business if their products are a danger to consumers or hazardous even. I find it hard to believe what the reviews we're saying more so after I tried it. I have been a walking advocate of gluta c because people at work and even families we're asking me if I had any surgeries done., at first they could not believe that I'm only using 2 products, but when they tried it themselves they were all amazed and hooked like me. This is a true testament that not everything that you read esp. online are true., I thanked myself for listening to my gut. And I thank funky mommy for bringing us Gluta c and her other products. Wish we have a retail store here. All the best!
    Reviewed by:  from Perth, AU. - 4/27/2014
    Rating Mrs
    Amazing! I almost stopped using it because of the peeling- have to say that was annoying but totally worth it! I have been getting compliments on my skin constantly- thank you! Will definitely buy again!
    Reviewed by:  from Bay Area. - 12/4/2014
    Rating amazing
    Finally.. I found the cream that's fit for my face.. I like it.. it lighten my ance scars in a couple of months.. highly recommended. Thank you funkymommy..
    Reviewed by:  from vancouver. - 10/10/2013
    Rating It works,but
    This product is good at lightening marks, but when I use the product I get acne which means that I cannot use this on my face; so, I may use this on other marks; but in overall it is a very good lightening product. If anyone else gets acne from using this product I would suggest using the placenta cream which my skin seems to like. I use only in the day time under my makeup, but seems to be working.I have to be very cautious to what or how much product I use due to acne. I do not get a lot of acne, but I do not like getting any because they leave scars; then I have to get rid of the scars which is a piece of cake for me.
    Reviewed by:  from Indianapolis. - 9/19/2014
    Rating Gluta C
    Ok so iv'e been using this product for about a week and the only difference that I've notice so far is smoother skin & light peeling but as far as my tone go's it hasn't done much at all and I don't know if that's because I'm in the sun a lot or what but I will continue to use until I see some change... (hopefully)
    Reviewed by:  from Palo Alto. - 9/5/2014
    Rating Powerful
    Love it, helps remove dark spots on my skin, now im blemish free! Thanks FM!
    Reviewed by:  from UK. - 11/6/2011
    Rating Great cream
    I bought the cream with the intention to lighten my skin, thinking that it was what was after. The cream after almost a month now has only lightened my skin about a shade and a half BUT- It has given my skin a glow, a really healthy glow which I now much prefer than going to point of absolute fairness. It also, like it says blocks acne, I noticed pimples stopped forming with the end of the first week. My skin texture now is much MUCH better, scars are still there but have faded dramatically.
    Reviewed by:  from Sydney. - 10/30/2011
    Rating mrs
    awsum very nice cream worked 4 me
    Reviewed by:  from england. - 10/1/2011
    Rating This cream is my dream came true!
    I don't know what to start.But this cream is the most best ever cream i've ever used in my live.I'am east indian/african american,this works very good on my brown skin.And my skin is still lighten from using it every night.I'am now a light brown color,thanks to this company.I wish i can show everyone of this company what this awesome cream did for me in photos!I Love FunkyMommy!
    Reviewed by:  from Ms. - 4/21/2009
    Rating I was disappointed
    I started using this cream and was looking forward to the results. On the second day i got this very painful blister rash on my neck. Which made my neck more dark, I guess i should have tested it first.
    Reviewed by:  from Whistler. - 12/19/2013
    Rating gluta c cream
    Hi I just want to say I love this cream iv been using it for 1week with such great results this cream is a dream cum true and I just want to thank you for such a great cream I know I won't be able to live without it again Thank you
    Reviewed by:  from south africa. - 9/29/2013
    Rating it is amazing
    i totally love it, i will order more and more ^_^
    Reviewed by:  from texas. - 2/9/2012
    Rating This is it!
    Been using this product for 10 days now and let me tell you that my skin has improve considerably! Im still peeling very lightly though, but scars are fading really quickly and tone has even out. Love Gluta-C skin whitening cream im a fan for life!
    Reviewed by:  from South Africa. - 12/2/2011
    Rating Very happy!
    Yes I am happy with the result. It did lightened my skin as well as softened it too. I put it on at night and when I wash my face in the morning it looks brighter and soft. Thank you!
    Reviewed by:  from Wahiawa, HI. - 8/11/2011
    After reading reviews on the cream, as I have on many products, I was skeptical about purchasing it. I am so glad I didn't let past experiences hold me back! I began to see results after the 3rd day. I have been using it almost a month now and my skin is 90% better than it was! I still have a few spots, which are soon to be gone because I can see them getting lighter. Acne was my purpose of purchase and it has done an outstanding job in an unbeatable amount of time! You won't be disappointed!
    Reviewed by:  from U.S.. - 7/23/2011
    Rating At last, at last
    I am beyond satisfied with the GLUTA-C LIGHTENING CREAM. I've used many skin lightening products over the pass 40 year. This cream is the best. I must say IMO Gluta-c does the job within one week. (for me). Amazing. 10 STARS. Thank you, FunkyMommy. D.R.
    Reviewed by:  from North Hollywood. - 7/17/2011
    Rating Ms
    Result can notice in 1 day. Have fairer skin.Got my satisfaction!
    Reviewed by:  from Canada. - 6/1/2011
    Rating mrs
    I like this cream..it lightening my skin in natural way. thank you
    Reviewed by:  from uk. - 5/29/2011
    Rating best gluta-c skin lightening cream
    this is the best lightening cream i ever used. i used this for one month know i have stopped using it for 2 weeks.it has lightened uneven marks and also lightened my skin after 2 3 weeks of use.if any one is looking for lighter skin i think this is the best lightenng cream i had no side effects.
    Reviewed by:  from london. - 5/2/2011
    Rating Amazing Cream!
    this cream is amazing, i am very impressed and all my melasma is GONE. it does not work on my body though, is there a stronger cream that will?
    Reviewed by:  from Ontario, CANADA. - 4/15/2011
    Rating gulta-c
    i love this product a lot n i have recommend few of my frnd as well ..... it is realy effective.... it worth paying 40 box..... thanx funky mummy for this amazing product
    Reviewed by:  from texas. - 4/10/2011
    Rating Absolutely Works
    I have been a funky mommy user for quite some time now but I was solely using the gluta-c soap, which also works! but after a while of trying everything else on the planet in conjuction with the soap I finally decided to purchase the gluta-c cream. I used it religiously, never missing a night.My scars were very deep from cystic acne and the improvment was 90%
    Reviewed by:  from DC. - 2/2/2011
    Rating gluta c cream
    gluta c cream!!
    Reviewed by:  from sultan kudarat tacurong city. - 1/18/2011
    Rating I'm so glad I tried
    Thank goodness that I get to try a sample that was given by a friend, I was skeptical at first because I'm not too keen on using trial size products., but in just 4 days, I started seeing results, skin started peeling and. Skin became so smooth to touch, pores are now tightly close and skins texture is so fine. By the end of the week my skin started to lighten to my amazement. Great product., i bought the retail size so i can use it on my knees and elbows as well. I'm recommending it greatly!!
    Reviewed by:  from Florida. - 1/6/2011
    Rating Amaaaazing!
    This stuff works. In one week 80% of discoloration was gone, now week two, FLAWLESS. I've used this cream a couple years ago but I over used it and did not protect my skin in the daytime, so my skin got really dark. Now I'm sure to use a 30-70% sunscreen. Thanks Mags & Co.
    Reviewed by:  from nyc. - 11/21/2010
    Rating worth the buy.
    This cream works well at evening out your skin while lightening. It is the only lightener that doesn't give me that bleached out look, it lightens slowly and gently therefore you look more natural. It hasn't completly gotten rid of my hyperpigmentation but really worth a buy.
    Reviewed by:  from enyce. - 11/8/2010
    Rating 10/10
    best ever skin lightning cream i have used, not only lightens the skin but also makes it soft and smooth, highly impressed with this cream, thank u fm people
    Reviewed by:  from seinagar, jammu and kashmir. - 10/25/2010
    Rating Gluta-C Cream
    I love, love, love this product! This, combined with the Gluta-C soap really did wonders to wipe-out my acne problems. A few months ago, I was literally considering Accutane but hesitated despite strong recommendations from my doctor bec I was scared of its drastic effects. This cream and the soap took care of my prob. I am actually getting a lot of compliments and questions on what I did to make my face look glowing again. Thanks, FM! I am definitely spreading the word around.
    Reviewed by:  from Etobicoke. - 1/15/2010
    Rating Beauty Advisor
    I received this product as a sample with my order & tried it right away facially. It lightened my skin within days & I'd never heard of this product. I used it until it ran out & it took off 1 1/2 shades of color. I used to use Dr. Palmers skin whitener & other OTC creams to remove my tan & deep pigmentation from the sun. They worked slowly but left hyperpigmentation. This is indeed a wonder cream. I'm purchasing the full jar as I'm writing this review. I love it!
    Reviewed by:  from Long Island. - 1/6/2010
    Rating Gluta-C Cream
    I used the previous version of this cream and I loved it. It made the texture of my skin really smooth and I didn't break out. I had some problem but only I was responsible for it because I over used the products and chose the wrong products for my skin type. I am ready to use Gluta-C products again and I'm really excited about it. I like pampering my skin with these products. They're the best.
    Reviewed by:  from United States. - 11/23/2009
    Rating finally
    a skin whitening cream that work, and works without bad side effect. Have been on this cream for 8 months now, and never that i experience any harsh side effects from it. My skin never look so good until i started using Gluta-C Cream, marvelous product!
    Reviewed by:  from ksa. Saudi. - 9/15/2009
    Rating worked for me
    I'm naturally pale but I've tanned lately. I've tried many whitening products and none of them ever worked. I've been using Gluta-C Cream for a month now (now taking 2 weeks break) and was amazed by the results. It lightened my skin and my acne scars quite a bit. It worked slowly; there was no huge difference in my skin the first 2 weeks of usage but on my 3rd week my skin lightened by a shade or two. I like how it makes my skin feel super soft too.
    Reviewed by:  from US. - 9/13/2009
    Rating love it..
    wonderful product, i see results within a week!
    Reviewed by:  from vancouver. - 9/10/2009
    Rating Excellent skin whitening cream!
    This is by far the most effective skin whitening cream Ive ever used and im planning to stick with it. My skin has lighten 3 shades at least and im only on my 2 months use. The best!
    Reviewed by:  from London, UK. - 5/3/2009
    Rating amazed there are products that actually do what it's advertised
    Lightening cream works, iv used it every night since purchasing product 3rd day I saw results along side using the gluta soap it has peeled old dead, dark skin. It has improved the wrinkles at the corner of my eyes they appear less harsher my skin glows. I had 1wk of work within that time I used lightening cream, the questions and comments on how good I look and what am I doing differently love the product.
    Reviewed by:  from new zealand. - 12/27/2015
    Rating Customer
    Bad.... disappointed the product is so small for $38 and it was open when I received it.
    Reviewed by:  from Indianapolis . - 11/21/2015
    Rating This is it, i love it!
    As long as this cream is being sold, it will never disappear from my cosmetic table. This cream lightened up my face and gave me a confidence that I didn't have for a long time due to uneven skin tone not only on my face but in my entire body. But gluta C cream has improved my self-esteem, I wear any type of clothes that I want to wear. I use it 3-4 days a week at night, and every morning my face is renewed as if I were a teenager. I love this cream. I use it also for my feet, my leg, my elbow, my knees, in short in all the stubborn areas in my body, and the result has been amazing..I mean what else can I say?
    Reviewed by:  from Houston, TX. . - 9/4/2015
    Rating The Cream I was looking for!!!
    Use it if you want to get rid of acne scars, uneven skin tone and almost permanent dark areas on your face from the sun. I did! You won't regret it too!
    Reviewed by:  from London, UK. - 9/4/2015
    Rating Wonderful & Miracle products!
    Hi you there. Thank you soo soo much for making such wonderful and miracle products. Before I ordered; Gluta-C lightening cream and Kojic acid soap and kojic acid skin whitening lotion, I had a bad acne on face and at my back. I have tried lots of products but it did absolutely nothing for me but rather made my skin worst. So in my desperation, I started to make my own research at Google and lo and behold I saw this miracle lifesaver products; Gluta-C lightening, etc website and I decided to give it a try. I ordered it and am glad I did. It less than 6 months now and my skin is smooth, lighter, beautiful, radiantly and amazing. I love! love! love! this products, it the best in the whole world and I will continue to Order it. Thank you soo much Funky mommy for this lifesaver products. Trust me if I tell you it works. Oh yeah it works! order it and you will Never regret you did. I will give Gluta-c. ★★★★★ kojic acid soap. ★★★★★ Kojic acid skin whitening lotion ★★★★★ God bless you all.
    Reviewed by:  from E. Patchogue, NY. - 9/2/2015
    Rating Skin peel
    My skin started peeling, I'm going to office. what should i do when it started peeling, it is reddish color. do i want to apply anything before applying cream. can you please suggest the procedure.
    Reviewed by:  from Bangalore. - 4/17/2015
    Rating worked like a charm!
    This cream is amazing, im on my 3rd week and my skin has lighten 2 shades at least. My spots on the side of my eyes are totally gone, and scars on my hand from 20 years ago was also gone, now that is a miracle!
    Reviewed by:  from San Diego, CA. - 4/9/2009
    Rating 10 stars!
    I love this cream, it works great on my scars and wrinkles, lighten my skin and gave it a pinkish glow. I highly recommend this to everyone who has problem skin like me.
    Reviewed by:  from Kuwait. - 4/9/2009
    Rating im addicted
    i have been using this cream for 3 months and my skin's improvement was phenomenal. Scars were totally gone, i now have that pinkish glow, and i had to change the shade of my mineral makeup to fair with pink undertones. My original color is dark brown with yellow undertones. So go figure! I love this cream, my life saver..!
    Reviewed by:  from Doha, Qatar. - 4/7/2009
    Rating awesome cream
    safe, effective., and quick results!
    Reviewed by:  from bc, canada. - 4/5/2009
    Questions and Answers
    Q: Im planning to use the gluta c cream on my face and visible areas, how noticable is the peeling? and is there a way to hide it? why does it have to peel?
    Asked by: Anonymous - 9/23/2013 (Submit an answer)
    A: Not everyone peels, it's the exfoliating phase, however if you peel, you can apply petroleum jelly so it won't be as noticeable.
    Was this answer helpful?    1 of 1 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
    Answer provided by:  Administrator (9/23/2013)
    Q: Will this creme help with dark discoloration on skin from eczema? And are the results permanent or temporary ?
    Asked by: Alexis Cheeks - 1/19/2015 (Submit an answer)
    A: absolutely, that's the idea behind this product, to lighten all types of pigmentation. And yes results are permanent.
    Was this answer helpful?    1 of 1 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
    Answer provided by:  Administrator (1/19/2015)
    Youth Fairy w/ Resveratrol & Glutathione 60 caps.
    Youth Fairy w/ Resveratrol & Glutathione 60 caps.
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    Gluta-C Original Glutathione Supplement 60 caps.
    Gluta-C Original Glutathione Supplement 60 caps.
    Average Rating 12 Review(s)
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